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About this course

Typesy makes it easy and flexible for classrooms from grade 2 to 12!

Fun and easy to use
Students and teachers love it!

Typesy is a keyboarding, computer, and vocabulary program aligned with Common Core and TEKS standards.

The program has a specific typing module for K2, 2-8, and high school. There is a numeric pad and full Vocabulary modules with an already created word list and lists you can import yourself.

Typesy offers practice modules, which are based on the Common Core or TEKS standards, and are classified per grade. Each grade gets an additional 300 lessons, all based on existing curriculum topics while improving their typing.

Finally, Typesy also offers a variety of videos that covers subjects like:

  • Computer Basics
  • Office, Operating Systems
  • Citizenship
  • Google
  • Web Skills
  • Videos
  • Productivity
  • Career Success and
  • Brain training

SSO Google and Microsoft. Clever & ClassLink SSO and Rostering.

Pilots and trials are available.

  • A rich experience for better learning outcomes

  • $


  • Typesy for Schools is built on the latest cloud app technologies. So there are no more slow-loading web pages, distracting ads, or confusing browser errors.

    Typesy’s unparalleled interactive learning platform works flawlessly on any computer or device.

  • Classroom Flexibility

  • $


  • We designed Typesy to cater for a range of learning approaches and classrooms. Typesy can teach students “almost automatically” using just their spare time or can be made a part of the class plan and can even take center-stage in learning.

    Whatever approach you choose, Typesy provides extensive class plans and teacher support.

  • Typesy works with your technology

  • $


  • As the cutting edge premium program, Typesy is designed to work with all the technology at your school.

    Quickly provision student accounts and organize them into classes by syncing with Google Classroom, Clever, Classlink, or Schoology.

    You can import from csv or enter students in a flash, and we can even take care of the whole process for you.

  • A complete library of curriculums for all grades

  • $


  • All students, no matter what their grade and level, can start with a tailored curriculum for their current level. For this reason, Typesy includes multiple curriculums to cater for all grade levels, from grade 2 to 12.

    Typesy also provides detailed lesson plans and comprehensive teacher support.

  • Easy control, live stats and powerful reports

  • $


  • Typesy gives teachers complete visibility and easy control. You can see how the class is doing, how each student is doing, and who needs help.

    If you prefer to be hands-on, you can drill down to see detailed reports for each student.

    All data is updated “live” in front of your eyes as students log in.

    You can test, grade, and assess in just a few clicks!

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • $


  • Your subscription comes with premium unlimited phone support for teachers and administrators. So whenever you need some help, give us a call.

    Concierge Service

    Your dedicated support rep will work with your IT people to set up Typesy. We do everything for you. Concierge service is free with your subscription.