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About this course

Incorporate eduMedia-Science To Boost Your STEM Instruction

Do you remember the science posters in your class when you were in school?  Now imagine having 1000 interactive STEM posters available to you on your computer. eduMedia is the largest repository of interactive resources for STEM teachers. And with eduMedia Studio you create your own customized resources.  Your students will be engaged and learning!


Create, manage and share!  eduMedia Studio provides endless possibilities to transform your instruction.  You can create your own video captures, using your own voice, manage your resources and share them with your students. Or flip the class, and have your students create their own video captures explaining concepts to you and their classmates.

Studio option lets you:


  • Let your creativity flourish with the powerful, easy-to-use recording tool that allows you to explain concepts to your students in your own way, using your own voice.


  • Your personal Teacher’s Area is the place to sort your media and return to them in one click.


  • Let your students access your media anytime anywhere with a Class Code.