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Out-of-the-box Typing Tips #2: Clean your keyboard

Though regular keyboard cleaning doesn’t sound too attractive, it can make a big difference in keyboard performance! To hit those goals of great typing, one of our team members spoke out against keyboard cruelty.

Admittedly, we laughed a bit. But he was right.

We did our research about keyboard trouble and people avoiding certain keys on their keyboard because of unfortunate Diet Coke spills, some keys mysteriously konking out, dust and crumb accumulation and pressure from people who put objects on their keyboards. All this, making the portal to their main tool virtually unusable.

One of us admitted to spending an entire day without touching their keyboard and only using their mouse to copy and paste what they needed to type. Needless to say, we laughed again.

Here are our Top-5 tips for keeping your keyboard happy:

  1. Don’t eat near the keyboard!! 
  2. Avoid drinking near the keyboard, especially anything with sugar.
  3. Dust with compressed air. Make sure not to shake the can. Hold the keyboard vertically and slightly facing down and spray as directed on the can. Avoid shaking the keyboard. We suggest doing this weekly.
  4. Use plastic-friendly cleaner, either specifically for computer equipment or a mild product, to wash the keys and between the keys. Using a cloth that has not touched grease is important. We suggest you do this weekly.
  5. Don’t park stuff on top of your keyboard. If you have to store your keyboard, place it with care so the keys are not compressed.

So, before you need to look up the thesaurus to find words that don’t have the letter T, because you typed your last T, we recommend making sure those little keys are at their best!

Type it real!

TechNType Team