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5-Star Review

Like embarking on a road trip, we prepare, research and plan for students’ trip through their education to be a breeze. 

Our team comes together to find the best in online digital education tools. We test our programs thoroughly to find the best in effectiveness, engagement, safe, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Teachers speak and we listen!

They see the need of students to learn great typing skills to improve work speed as well as to have better accuracy, all this for their work today as well as moving forward into their education and future work place.

Teachers are increasingly boosting STEM learning in their classroom and we are there for them! The addition of science, technology, engineering and math into their classroom community adds endless dimension to students’ learning experience.

And what is digital education without coding!

Each of our programs is TechNType 5-Star Certified and ready to be easily installed in your classroom!